Working towards a circular economy

As opposed to a linear economy, where the resource utilization and the decisions are based on financial benefits, a circular economy or green economy has a more wholistic approach. Ensuring that the resources are utilised wisely and with high efficiency, minimising the wastage. Whether it is the small decisions like utilising water wisely in our day to day activities or bigger ones like the choice of fuel or utilising stormwater.

At Austere, we are consciously making efforts to strive for a circular economy. From inculcating more efficient designs to utilising materials that are highly durable, we are constantly working to manage the best utilisation of our resources. Our Grease arrestors ensure that the large amounts of oil and grease produced in food production processes do not end up in the sewerage, which can become overwhelmed with grease and cause septic tanks or treatment facilities to overflow and spew out untreated water into the environment. Further, our stormwater retention and treatment devices are designed with extreme cautiousness and they utilise materials that are recycled, highly durable and have a high performance in their life cycle analysis.

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