Aboveground Horizontal Grease Arrestor A.GH.2000.C


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Designed for easy and simple installation due to their above ground fibreglass feet, they are lightweight and designed for long life and for high corrosion resistance.

Product Specifications:
Diameter – 1050mm
Length – 2400mm


A grease arrestor by AUSTERE PUMPS is a system that is made from high strength and long-life fibre reinforced polymers to intercept and remove almost all greases and solids before they enter the water systems. The processes used in grease arrestors are very simple in theory, and hence provide a simple yet highly effective method of removing grease from sewerage. The grease is collected in these large systems where the grease layer is decomposed and broken down in an anaerobic process.

Without the use of AUSTERE PUMPS grease arrestors and the large amounts of oil and grease produced in food production processes, the sewerage can become overwhelmed with grease and cause septic tanks or treatment facilities to overflow and spew out untreated water into the environment. This can have a major impact on the marine life and ecology.

Additional information

Dimensions 2400 × 1050 mm


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