OSD (On Site Detention) Tanks and Infiltration systems


OSD Systems (On Site Detention systems) are a stormwater management technique that is designed to essentially control the rates of discharge from a site. When runoff is collected from a wide range of sources, it can all be collected and controlled in high capacity storage systems and slowly discharge this water to the followings systems. The most efficient and optimal OSD system designed control the peak discharge rates from high volume events to match the capacity of the downstream systems to ensure no overflow or disruption to following systems. OSD systems usually utilise orifice plate systems, trash screens and simple weird overflow designs to do so.

AUSTERE PUMPS provides a wide range of solutions for your OSD needs. All of our systems that are provided are constructed entirely from FRP to the highest Australian standards. All of our systems are constructed, designed and manufactured in Australia by a proud Australian Company. All of our systems have a long life and when compared to concrete OSD systems, show their strength.

We have two major OSD system products that we recommend being used. The first is the utilisation of our high capacity FRP MAXISTORE tanks, designed at any length, diameter and capacity. These systems come in 1200, 1500, 1850, 2200, 2500, 3000 and 3500mm diameter systems so are perfect for your needs. All of our FRP system can easily be installed with trash screens, orifice plates, baffle and weir systems to provide every OSD requirement. FRP MAXISTORE tanks are also lightweight and come fully assembled so are simple and easy to install and transport as well as ensuring a minimal environmental and site footprint.

Protector Stormbrake - Austere Pumps

Our second designed system is the PROTECTOR STORMBRAKE. The Stormbrake system is one of PROTECTORS most advanced designs, utilizing modern and natural processes of filtration to provide a unique, low impact solution to our environmental needs. It is a system that does not require any impermeable bodies for installation, nor does it require concrete casting of any kind, simply requiring natural systems such as soil and compacted stone making it a natural filtration imitation.

It is a single FRP shell, open bottomed design that easily conjoins to create large arrangements, that stores water as well as simultaneously filtering it. It combines the natural filtration and biofiltration techniques of soil and compressed rocks to remove nutrients, sedimentation and attached particles from the water. This system is able to combine the ability to recharge and decontaminate stormwater runoff ground water whilst simultaneously managing the water flow and retaining water to provide the most effective stormwater treatment and management solution available. The following image is the set up of a stormbrake

System for storm water detention. Note the presence of a pipework box to control flow of water.

Stormwater Detention Image - Austere Pumps


Retention systems are very similar in their process to that of detention, in that that collect water from runoff and proceeds to discharge after a day or hold if for an extended period. Retention systems are often paired with rainwater harvesting, filtration and pumping systems (see OPTI-TREAT and MAXI-TREAT systems). The main difference between retention and detention systems is that retention is simply designed to hold a certain capacity of water, rather than simply allowing to drain to following systems. Harvesting in retention tanks is a practice that is becoming more vital to our water environment to reduce the amount of water that is being used in our society, to ensure sustainable water usage for future generations and environmental stability.

Retention System Image - Austere Pumps

Out FRP MAXISTORE systems along with our stormbrake systems both are viable and efficient options for use in retention. We can design any of our STORMBRAKE of MAXISTORE tanks to the requirements of your site, whether it be depth, area of excavation, volume or size of the system being inputted.

Retention System Image - Austere Pumps

Our Stormbrake systems can be equipped with FRP Access Boxes to be used as an ingress to install a rainwater harvesting system. These pipe boxes can also be installed with pump mounts, overflow weirs, outlet and overflow pipework and trash screens as required.


Infiltration systems are another form of stormwater management systems that are becoming more necessary in our growing society and are essentially designed to return stormwater and runoff into the environment. These infiltration systems are designed to assist with replenishment of underground aquifiers, prevent stormwater discharge from disrupting downstream systems, preventing downstream flooding and returning treated water to the environment.

The STORMBRAKE system is perfect for this process as it provides a gradual infiltration system through the use of geotextile layers, as well as a level of stormwater treatment utilising the filtration aspects of the STORMBRAKE soil and crushed rock surrounds. The STORMBRAKE Infiltration system has 55% free space volume, and 45% surround crushed rock volume and provides a gradual filtration and infiltration process to expel water to the surrounding environment. The STORMBRAKE system also has a high strength rating due to its circular design and ribbed body to ensure its able to be installed in any scenario, under any weight of concrete slab.

Infiltration System - Austere Pumps