Packaged Pump Stations


At Austere, we design and manufacture our packaged pump stations keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. All our pumps are manufactured and designed locally in Sydney (Australian Made).

With a wide range of sizes and models, the designs are client specific and can have a wide application range be it grey water, stormwater, sewage etc. Therefore, its application can be for residential as well as commercial purposes.

We usually offer tank sizes ranging from 200L to 20,000L in highly durable fibre reinforced plastic casings. However, if you require pumping stations over these sizes, Austere Pumps does offer engineered pumping stations as per your required sizes. Please contact us for further details on the same.

Features and Applications

  • A wide range of application including storm water, waste water, grey water, sewage
  • Made from highly durable fibre reinforced plastics
  • Available with a complete range of accessories*
  • Removes the complexity out of purchasing & installing a packaged pump station
  • A wide range of sizes available, with an option to choose custom sizes, which can be designed on demand.

* Depending on your needs, we offer a range of accessories that ensure ease of installation such as electrical connections, guide rails, inlet and outlet tank connections, dry valve pits and control panels that can be customised to the customer’s needs.


WARNING Do not stand on or under liftwell while it is being lifted. This could result in personal injury or death.
  • Do not drop or impact the liftwell.
  • Liftwells should be stored horizontally and chocked, using only appropriate materials such as sandbags, tires, or other soft or pliable materials.
  • Upon liftwell delivery and when lifting liftwell, visually inspect entire exterior surface of the liftwell for shipping or handling damage.
  • If the liftwell must be moved by rolling, ensure that ground to be traversed is smooth and free of rocks, debris, or other hard objects.
  • Do not roll or set the liftwell on any pipe stubout, accessory or appurtenance installed on the liftwell.
  • The contractor is responsible for rigging, unloading and securing the liftwell.
  • When lifting the liftwell in the horizontal position, use two slings with a spreader bar.
  • Use a minimum of two lift lugs when pivoting the liftwell from horizontal to vertical.
  • Utilize all lift lugs provided at the liftwell top for vertical lifting.
  • Only a pliable strap or rope should contact the liftwell, do not use chains, steel cables or hard metallic slings.
Step Action Image
1 Once truck arrives.

  1. Check condition of tank to ensure no damage has incurred in Transport.
  2. All issues must be photographed and sent to Protec FRP for verification.


  1. Place Soft Slings around the body of the station
  2. Slings to be ¼ from each end
  3. Connect two leg chains to slings
  4. Lift and Place on Ground
  1. Place tank on ground as the same Position of the truck
  2. Ensure that the tank is resting on supports
  3. Ensure that the flanges do not come in to contact with the ground.
  1. Ensure that the base of the tank is on soft ground (I.E. grass)
  2. Place 3 x Short Soft Slings through the 3 Lifting Lug Eyes Provided
  3. With a 3 toe Chan set or 3 (1 redundant) ensure that the 3 toe are the same length.
  4. Try to make the chains as long as possible to reduce angle
  5. Take up tension on the 2 Lugs beside the Valve Pit.
  6. Start Taking to the Vertical Position
4 Image to show 50% of the way to Vertical, showing that only 2 chains will be tight at this point.
5 Once the tank is vertical with all 3 chains tight, the tank is ready to be moved to the excavation for installation.

Dimensions of the excavation should be wide enough to provide sufficient working room around the liftwell.

WARNING Collapsing excavation walls can cause injury or death. Do not enter the liftwell excavation unless necessary and in compliance with OHS regulations. Follow OHS guidelines for excavations.

LIFTWELLS Lower Liftwell onto Compacted Base then place Wet concrete around the Unit, until it covers the lock-in Rib plus meets the Ballast Quantity.

ANTI FLOATATION RING CONCRETE SLAB Use minimum 20 mpa concrete for anti-floatation and ballast Final concrete depth, size, thickness and reinforcements shall meet the minimum requirements in the instructions and applicable tables.

CAUTION Voids in the concrete slab around external structural anchors will result in product damage and environmental contamination.

Proper backfill selection and compaction are required for a proper installation.

CAUTION Not using approved backfill material may result in tank failure and environmental contamination.

If the liftwell is installed in the same excavation as an underground fibreglass tank, the backfill around the liftwell must also meet the tank backfill requirements so as to not compromise the tank installation. Tank backfill requirements are more restricted and stricter conformance to the tank backfill requirements in MAN 600 must be met for both the liftwell and tank.

CAUTION Always wear safety glasses and protective clothing when cutting on the liftwell, failure to do so can result in personal injury.
  • Pipe penetration cutouts should be round holes and should be no larger than the pipe diameter plus 25mm.
  • Accessories must be installed and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All piping must have a flexible connector installed directly on the fitting or accessory to allow for a minimum 15mm differential settlement between the liftwell and the pipe.
  • A flexible joint on each connecting pipe is required to relieve stresses from differential backfill movement or soil consolidation. Backfill should be added to the invert elevation of each connecting pipe, the connection made and sealed, before continuing to backfill.
WARNING To prevent fire or explosion hazard, Protec FRP recommends air driven tools whenever possible. DO NOT use power tools where flammable vapors or liquids exist. Also, when electric hand tools are used, be aware of potential shock hazards. Wear protective clothing and eye protection. Liftwells may be a confined space. Follow proper safety procedures.

Invert specified by Certified Engineer. The invert may be at any angle and may project up the liftwell any distance.


The liftwell is designed to support the dead weight of a thick square pad. The concrete pad must be designed to be self-supporting after cured. The pad shall be specified by the Certified Engineer.


  • The pad must be larger than the liftwell a minimum of 300mm in all directions.
  • Maximum 200mm concrete pad thickness.


  • The pad must be larger than the liftwell a minimum of 600mm in all directions.
  • The Certified Engineer shall specify the pad strength and reinforcement so that the static weight of an 200mm thick square pad (no more than 600mm larger than the diameter of the liftwell centred on the liftwell) along with a dynamic T-44 traffic load must be distributed on the liftwell perimeter and not on the interior of the lid.
  • If either the static pad load or the dynamic traffic load is exceeded, all of the pad and / or traffic loads must be supported by the soil around the liftwell and not by the liftwell itself.
CAUTION: Never allow an empty tank to remain in a wet hole, or a dry hole that may become wet unless anchoring and backfilling have been completed. Failure to anchor and backfill may damage the tank or surrounding property.

Firstly, make site preparation as per previous section.

Pump the water from the hole to maintain minimum water level. Add a minimum of 300mm of well-placed backfill material (Must Be Crushed Gravel) to the hole, and level the bed to assure uniform bottom support for the tank. Position the tank in the hole.

Partially ballast tank using water until it settles firmly on the prepared bed. Ballast level in a tank must never exceed water level in hole during installation. Use only enough ballast to sink the tank. One tank is level and ballasted, carefully place concrete ballast as per section C. then processed to sections D, E (if applicable), F, G and H.


Diameter Depth
1000 Single PMP.1000.1500.S50.A66CBST 1000 1500
PMP.1000.2000.S50.A66CBST 1000 2000
PMP.1000.2500.S50.A66CBST 1000 2500
PMP.1000.3000.S50.A66CBST 1000 3000
PMP.1000.3500.S50.A66CBST 1000 3500
PMP.1000.4000.S50.A66CBST 1000 4000
Diameter Depth
1000 Dual PMP.1000.1500.D50.A66CBST 1000 1500
PMP.1000.2000.D50.A66CBST 1000 2000
PMP.1000.2500.D50.A66CBST 1000 2500
PMP.1000.3000.D50.A66CBST 1000 3000
PMP.1000.3500.D50.A66CBST 1000 3500
PMP.1000.4000.D50.A66CBST 1000 4000
Diameter Depth
1200 Single PMP.1200.1500.S50.A66CBST 1200 1500
PMP.1200.2000.S50.A66CBST 1200 2000
PMP.1200.2500.S50.A66CBST 1200 2500
PMP.1200.3000.S50.A66CBST 1200 3000
PMP.1200.3500.S50.A66CBST 1200 3500
PMP.1200.4000.S50.A66CBST 1200 4000
Diameter Depth
1200 Dual50 PMP.1200.1500.D50.A69CBST 1200 1500
PMP.1200.2000.D50.A69CBST 1200 2000
PMP.1200.2500.D50.A69CBST 1200 2500
PMP.1200.3000.D50.A69CBST 1200 3000
PMP.1200.3500.D50.A69CBST 1200 3500
PMP.1200.4000.D50.A69CBST 1200 4000
Diameter Depth
1200 Dual80 PMP.1200.1500.D80.A69CBST 1200 1500
PMP.1200.2000.D80.A69CBST 1200 2000
PMP.1200.2500.D80.A69CBST 1200 2500
PMP.1200.3000.D80.A69CBST 1200 3000
PMP.1200.3500.D80.A69CBST 1200 3500
PMP.1200.4000.D80.A69CBST 1200 4000
Diameter Depth
1500 Single PMP.1500.1500.S50.A66CBST 1500 1500
PMP.1500.2000.S50.A66CBST 1500 2000
PMP.1500.2500.S50.A66CBST 1500 2500
PMP.1500.3000.S50.A66CBST 1500 3000
PMP.1500.3500.S50.A66CBST 1500 3500
PMP.1500.4000.S50.A66CBST 1500 4000
Diameter Depth
1500 Dual50 PMP.1500.1500.D50.A69CBST 1500 1500
PMP.1500.2000.D50.A69CBST 1500 2000
PMP.1500.2500.D50.A69CBST 1500 2500
PMP.1500.3000.D50.A69CBST 1500 3000
PMP.1500.3500.D50.A69CBST 1500 3500
PMP.1500.4000.D50.A69CBST 1500 4000
Diameter Depth
1500 Dual80 PMP.1500.1500.D80.A69CBST 1500 1500
PMP.1500.2000.D80.A69CBST 1500 2000
PMP.1500.2500.D80.A69CBST 1500 2500
PMP.1500.3000.D80.A69CBST 1500 3000
PMP.1500.3500.D80.A69CBST 1500 3500
PMP.1500.4000.D80.A69CBST 1500 4000
Diameter Depth
1850 Single PMP.1850.1500.S50.A66CBST 1850 1500
PMP.1850.2000.S50.A66CBST 1850 2000
PMP.1850.2500.S50.A66CBST 1850 2500
PMP.1850.3000.S50.A66CBST 1850 3000
PMP.1850.3500.S50.A66CBST 1850 3500
PMP.1850.4000.S50.A66CBST 1850 4000
Diameter Depth
1850 Dual50 PMP.1850.1500.D50.A69CBST 1850 1500
PMP.1850.2000.D50.A69CBST 1850 2000
PMP.1850.2500.D50.A69CBST 1850 2500
PMP.1850.3000.D50.A69CBST 1850 3000
PMP.1850.3500.D50.A69CBST 1850 3500
PMP.1850.4000.D50.A69CBST 1850 4000
Diameter Depth
1850 Dual80 PMP.1850.1500.D80.A69CBST 1850 1500
PMP.1850.2000.D80.A69CBST 1850 2000
PMP.1850.2500.D80.A69CBST 1850 2500
PMP.1850.3000.D80.A69CBST 1850 3000
PMP.1850.3500.D80.A69CBST 1850 3500
PMP.1850.4000.D80.A69CBST 1850 4000